Formula 1 TV gets a much needed update

Formula 1 has announced it will be launching an updated version of their OTT subscription video platform F1 TV for the 2021 FIA Formula 1 World Championship. With the update, 3 countries are added, Brazil, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. F1 TV Pro is already available in 82 countries around the world.

I think the biggest improvement will be the casting options which a lot of people have been asking for.

Improvements to the F1 TV service include:

  • Enhanced technology – The new version focuses on performance and quality; users will now be able to enjoy streaming video at 1080p at 50fps for the first time – ideal for watching fast moving action.
  • Cast to TVs -Users will be able to cast F1 TV using Chromecast and AirPlay (iOS) – enjoying live and on-demand F1 content on their TV.
  • Improved user experience:
    • Improved player controls – Users now have full control over the live stream; play, pause or rewind to watch that overtake again, across every channel, including On-board Cameras.
    • Improved channel switching – An improved interface allows users to easily switch between F1 TV’s multiple additional streams: Pit Lane Channel, Data Channel, Driver Tracker and On-board Cameras.
    • Improved user interface – A new, modern interface will allow users to easily browse and search F1 TV’s archive content, as well as F1’s exclusive series and documentaries.

The new version is available on today, March 8, and upgrades will be rolled out on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire tablet devices and Roku in the first half of the season. F1 TV for Apple TV, Android TV devices and Amazon Fire TV are currently in development and will also be launched later this year. 

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